About Benjamin J

The man behind the camera

Like many others, my photography hobby began with my family.  As a father of four, plenty of opportunities presented themselves to capture everyday life.  My passion evolved over the years to landscape and wildlife photography.  Beginning in 2013, I was present with the opportunity to do family and individual portraits.  This was mainly for friends, friends of friends, family.  I then added theatre and dance photography to my resume, again through channels that opened with my daughters.  All along I took on the challenge to hone my craft and find my place in this hobby that was a new chapter in my life.

Towards the end of 2015, I toyed with the idea of trying my hand at real estate photography.  I had the equipment and I had the skills, so it was just a matter of taking that step.  After nine months, I had built a portfolio of 175 homes and established myself as professional, yet affordable, real estate photographer in the Northern Virginia area.  As the most competitively priced provider in the area, I am a great fit for those realtors that either have taken their own photos for years and now realize the importance of professional photographs or a realtor who is looking for the same quality photographs as other service providers, but needed a more affordable option.

To this day I still enjoy the other types of photography that got me started down this path.  This includes photographing a dance recital, a family among the fall foliage, or a beautiful sunset.  By the way, please call me “Ben.”

“He is professional, provides exceptional quality photos, and works to meet all of your photographic needs. We have used him exclusively this past year and all of our clients rave over the beauty of his photos. He is highly responsive and provides masterful work at a great price.”

Sheri Allen
Realtor, Weichert Realtors

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