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About Staircase Photo & Video 

As a father of four, Ben Jones, Founder and President of Staircase Photo & Video, has had plenty of opportunities to capture everyday life through photography over the years. Quickly realizing his talent and passion for it, his photography soon evolved to encompass professional family portraits, landscape, and wildlife, before adding dance and theatre to his photography resume. Continually embracing the challenge of honing his craft, what started as a love and a hobby has now developed into a career and a vocation.

Towards the end of 2015, Ben decided that he had both the equipment and the skill necessary to launch his real estate photography business. Within nine months, he had managed to build a portfolio of 175 homes and had firmly established Staircase Photo & Video as a professional, reliable, and affordable real estate photography company in Northern Virginia. Currently, we are the chosen provider for over 450 agents as they prepare their properties for listing. With a full staff of photographers, we prioritize responsiveness and quick turnaround time both for the scheduling and the processing of our work.

One of the many benefits of working with us is the range of a la carte services we currently offer, as well as our commitment to customer service and willingness to adapt to the changing needs of our loyal realtors. Currently, Staircase Photo & Video offers photography, videography (walk-throughs, photo-tours, and 3D immersion), virtual staging, floor plans, and sky replacement. In addition, noting the importance of diversity in perspective and how that might enhance property listings, Ben became a Certified Drone Pilot with the Federal Aviation Administration, allowing him to offer the option for aerial photography and videography as well.

As the most competitively priced provider in the area, Staircase Photo & Video is a great fit for those realtors who understand the importance of professional photographs as a marketing agent and are seeking the highest level, quality photographs at an affordable price. While Ben’s love for photography continues to flourish on every level, he is very proud of the work he has been able to do in supporting local realtors to excel at their jobs. Ben truly values the professional relationships that he has developed, and feels strongly that the number of repeat customers and the reviews Staircase Photo & Video has received from satisfied agents is the best possible testimonial to the quality of work offered.

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