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Commonly asked questions about Staircase Photo & Video Services

What to Expect from Staircase

Why isn't my Zillow Video Walkthrough live?

Zillow Video Walkthroughs will only be visible to the public when your listing is active.  Once it is active, the video will be visible automatically and if the listing is taken off the market, the video will automatically disappear.  Also note that Zillow rentals do not currently allow video walkthroughs.

How do you calculate mileage?

Mileage to a photo session is calculated by using Google Maps’ shortest driving distance from our home base located in 22025.  If the listing is less then 20 miles from our home base, there is not an additional mileage fee.  If the listing is over 20, then roundtrip mileage is calculated and charged at a rate of $0.54/mile.