Commonly asked questions about Staircase Photo & Video Services

3D Immersion

What do I need to do before the appointment?
Please have the space cleaned and de-cluttered before your appointment. It should be staged and in “open-house” condition. The camera will see everything and it cannot be taken out later.
Do you scan every room?
We scan all interior spaces with the exception of small closets (such as a linen closet or pantry). The doors to all rooms to be scanned must be open when we begin. Garages are typically not scanned unless requested in advance. Generally, if a human can walk into the area (such as a master closet), we include it. If there is a sensitive area, you may elect to not include it. However, this will mean the layout and floor plan views are not truly representative of the property.
Can you "Photoshop" the final 3D Model?
No, we cannot retouch things out after the shoot or modify the color (darken or lighten). Whatever is in the spaces at the time of the scan is what it will look like in the final product. Please note we do our best to avoid the camera showing up in mirrors or as a reflection in glass windows, it’s not always possible to avoid it in very tight spaces that have wall-to-wall mirrors.
Can my anyone be present during the scan?
People pets, small children and other potentially moving persons or objects should be removed from the interior of the area to be scanned or placed in a separate closed off room. The family or a representative may be present during scanning, but they must remain out of view of the camera and any windows and mirrors.
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